Nigeria bleeds

The EFCC: In a recent Facebook post of mine I wrote, “Do you know why a Southerner or even a northern Christian may never head the EFCC?  Should I talk?”

I got a few curious replies wanting me to talk but of course it’s not as if what I have to say is new or strange or even something they don’t already know. Perhaps what they really want from me is the courage to say these things which neither they nor the vast majority of Nigerians have the courage to say.

But for mua, I put to good use the little courage I have. I say these things the way they really are regardless and this case will not be an exception.

As for the Chairmanship of the EFCC, forget it; that is a position never to be occupied by a Southerner – not even by a Northern Christian for a long time to come as it will remain exclusively the reserve of folks who are of “northern Muslim” extraction – at least so they have planned it to be. I can bet my life on that position except of course a certain semblance of a revolution happens in this country in the nearest future.

Why then should I pity “Mr. Mugu” oh sorry I mean Mr. Magu? He deserves what he’s getting and much more. Pity he has been used and soon to be dumped seemingly, but trust me, regardless of all the allegations against him he would eventually be acquitted and of course compensated and then he would walk away a free man like his predecessors to go live the rest of his life in luxury and enjoy his spoil.

Surprised? Oh no, don’t be!

Corruption in Nigeria occupies the elevated position of a doctrine of necessity backed with full constitutional privileges.

Corruption in our country today is an adorable bride enthroned in the “temple of injustice” and worshipped only with glossy lip services that are well sealed in fallacies and falsehood such as a false sense of unity, a blatant disregard of nationhood and true Democratic Values and of course a flagrant abuse of power and authority to mention just a few.

Thus, corruption is faught if at all more often than not on the inglorious aforementioned alters but also largely along ethno-religious lines and the reason is simple:

The biggest LOOTERS of the Nigerian treasury over the years are predominantly from one region (don’t ask me that region, I know you know it). This region feeds fat on the resources of this nation and yet it remains lean and dry; miserably poor and stagnated and of course starved of the basic indices of development such as education and sustainable economic empowerment thus earning that region the unenviable title as the world’s poverty capital.

NB: As I’ve often maintained, that region in question and not necessarily Nigeria as a country is indeed the poverty capital of the  world – get that clear.

The region is like the proverbial story of the dream by the Pharoah of Egypt as recorded in the Holy Bible who dreamt of seven lean cows swallowing up seven fat cows and yet remaining as lean as they have ever been. What a paradox?

Back to the issue of the Chairmanship position of the EFCC, being an agency of government set up with the responsibility of unraveling massive financial corruption in the form of massive lootings of the  nation’s commonwealth amongst others, of ourse it will be too big a risk for them to handle if ever an “uncompromisable someone” who is not one of them and who has no ethno-religious ties to them gets to become the person who chairs such an agency as the nation’s No. 1 corruption Czar. If that was to ever happen, too many of them will probably end up in jail for life and of course the”Abacha Loot” syndrome would be a child’s play trust me.

Obviously therefore, they can not bear to have someone who may have the guts or even dare to attempt to open that “aborminable can of worms” they have so securely kept closed all these years even while they continue to milk the nation dry. There’s just no way they are ever gonna allow that to happen, never!

Come to think of it, if by any chance that is ever possibly going to happen, how dare you expect that such a thing as a Southerner or a northern Christian for that matter could be appointed to chair such a “vitally important” agency of power and control under a General Muhammadu Buhari regime given his infamous antecedent as the most nopotistic ruler this country has ever known? Or have we forgotten that it’s a Gen. Muhammadu Buhari that is presently in power?

Of course it’s now common knowledge even to the wider world that Gen. Buhari’s penchant for nepotism is both infamous and detestable. So wake up please, such an expectation under a Gen. Buhari-led administration is one taken too far.

Thus, if a Gen. Buhari is to appoint a new Chairman for the EFCC, you can be rest assured that the fellow must be one who must not only easily understand that the interest of the region, religion, political and economic advantage are sacrosanct but also that such a one (he or she) must be bound by their own personal convictions to not rock the “Arewa Cruise Ship” meant largely for the interest for the northern elites – if you get my drift.

Yes the northern cabal/elites,  they are the ones who crave for power and control for no common good at all other than to “cover up their messes” and protect their ravaging greed and self engradizement while mentally enslaving their own people in perpetuality.

They’re the accursed sons of hell whose end shall never be well and from whom the blood of the innocent must be demanded both in this life and in the  here after.


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