Nigerians urged to emulate Ondo Residents’ innovative “Mock Project Commissioning” Video


Nigerians urged to emulate innovative “Mock Project Commissioning” Video: Nigerians have been urged to emulate some Ondo residents who have come up with an innovative approach to reminding governments at all levels of their failed promises and responsibilities to the people they governed.

Innovative “Mock Project Commissioning”In a mock project commissioning video that has since gone viral on the internet, Nigerians in all states of the federation have been urged to emulate what has been described as an innovative and constructive approach to attracting governments’ attention to abandoned projects in their respective communities.

Nigerians urged to emulate Ondo Residents' innovative “Mock Project Commissioning" Video
Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu,

In a video twitted by Premier, an online influencer on his twitter handle @SodiqTade, some Ondo state residents were seen in a mock video inaugurating a “bad road project” on behalf of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu @RotimiAkeredolu in a community not precisely stated as at the time of this report.

In the said video with a number of participating group members numbering over twenty, the leader of the group whose name was not mentioned in the video was quoted while delivering his “inaugural speech” at the occasion as saying:

“Akeredolu, we said the almighty God will reward you according to your handwork.”

This was immediately followed by a resounding “Amen” by group members present at the event which of course was devoid of the usual funfair associated with such event by the political class.

“We hereby commission this beautiful project on behalf of the Ondo state government…

“We recognize the fact that the governor is very busy, he has been busy signing MOUs. For that wise, we thought it necessary to commission this project for the use of mankind and the entire federation, in Jesus name we commission!”


Nigerians have since been reacting to the now viral video, many commending the group for the innovative initiative and calling on fellow Nigerians in all states of the federation to emulate the practice.

@SodiqTade captioned the video this way: “Ondo State people are wilding. One of the funny videos you are going to see on here today. Look at the beautiful black road they are commissioning in Ondo State. Akeredolu people should watermark this too.”

Another twitter user who responded to the video twitted: “However, the message of this video is that youths are up to demand for better governance. Good to see.”

Sugarzaddy90 @glucosezaddy90 on his part twitted as follows:

“Honestly this is the kinda wilding we need in every part of Nigeria. Since the politicians want to be moving mad, let’s all be mad.”

Horizon @edmmobi also twitted: “This is an innovation. We should emulate these Ondo residents.”

Adeniyi Osuola Adeleke   @AdelekeOsuola was simply excited:

“Whao!!! How I wish every state embark on similar commissioning of their fake projects and make it viral… #NigeriaShallBeFreeOneDay

M. I. N @im_a_kop in his tweet said: “We are very good in Ondo State. Anyway, this is good to bring the governor attention to the place. People in every state should do this.”

While yet another twitted: “Indirect massage to the governor, that he has failed to provide the necessary infrastructure for the people of @ONDOSTATEYOUTHS.

“It’s very unfortunate that the young have to result to this. Failure of government from the local, state and federal government creates room for this”, he said.

As can be seen in the video, a number of Nigerians plying the bad road at the inauguration who were obviously sympathetic and in solidarity with the group waited patiently for the “commissioning of the project” on behalf of the state governor Rotimi Akeredolu to be over before they continued their tortuous journey on the just “commissioned road project” as they are left with no alternative.


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