Madagascar COVID 19 Death: What Happened? Nigerians react

Madagascar COVID 19 Death:
President Andry Rajoelina. Madagascar

Madagascar COVID 19 first and so far only recorded death was reported yesterday 16th May, 2020.

Madagascar’s National COVID 19 Taskforce spokeswoman, Prof. Hanta Danielle Vololontiana said in a televised statement on Saturday night.

“A man died from COVID-19 in Madagascar … he is 57 years old and a member of the medical staff,” she said.

Madagascar COVID 19 Death:
Prof. Vololontiana Hanta Marie Danielle, spokeswoman, Madagascar COVID 19 Taskforce

Reuters reports that Prof. Vololontiana, said the deceased who is a 57-year-old medical worker also suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to Worldometer, Madagascar has 304 positive cases, 114 recoveries and one death, as of May 18 10:57 GMT. Two patients are reported to be in critical condition.

Recall that the nation had recorded zero covid-19 death, on the grounds that its herbal remedy (Covid-19 Organics) had been effective in curing covid-19.

The President, Andry Rajoelina, who has also extended the COVID -19 national lockdown by 15 days, effective from May 16. said in a tweet on Sunday that he would address the nation by 8pm.

However, and expectedly too, the news of Madagascar’s first COVID 19 death has sent many tongues wagging as Nigerians took to the social media to react. The major question being that should African nations begin now to look beyond “Covid Organics” given its increasing level of acceptance of late by some African leaders?

Recall also that only a day ago, President Muhammadu Buhari had in Abuja received the Madagascan herbal remedy otherwise known as Covid Organics.

Citizensnewsroom collated a couple of reactions from nigerians on their social media handles as follows:

Lola Okunrin @lollypeezle tweeted: “Madagascar recorded first Covid-19 death and people have started saying their herbal drug is fake, it’s trash. Malaria has drugs, yet people die every day. It’s the recovery rate that matters. Stop trashing Madagascar drug, do your own.”

Tolks @Tolks6 on her part was point blank sarcastic. She wrote: “78M kee you dere!! The agbo wey we never test, yesterday Madagascar had their first covid 19 death, why did d Man die if the drug was that potent and they still have people in intensive care unit o from corona .. Ooni it is well”.

Bero @Hadeyzy has a question instead: “How come foreign media are so eager to announce the death of covid-19 patient in Madagascar? They never said anything about the cure”.

While Symphine @ofor_peter responding to Tayo and Osi on @RaypowerNetwork, said: “Please Tayo remind Osi that are drugs for malaria, yet people keep dying of malaria. That Madagascar recorded it first Covid-19 death doesn’t belittle the potency of their drug.”

Similarly, Kingsley Otuya @Kotuya replying to @channelstv wrote: “This is just a propaganda to bring down the surety of the drug. Why is first death in Madagascar automatically a big deal now. This thing called Novel Corona Virus aka Covid-19 is a scam. Am beginning to see a higher end from the people at the top taking advantage of it.”

EK @KennethEgwu4 on the other hand wrote: “If Madagascar just reported their first death from Covid 19 since the onset of the pandemic, there is high chance that their Covidorganic is effective as the number needed to treat is quite low.”

And finally, Ayo Dawotola @ayodawotola responding to @RonkeGiwa1 wrote: “You see Nigerians, they hailed Madagascar to high heavens and abused Nigeria and Buhari just yesterday. Today on hearing of the first covid-19 death in Madagascar, they’ve been mocking them. That speaks terrible things about us.”


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