COVID 19: Looking beyond the Peak

COVID19 has exposed the credulity of our government and hopefully taught us the importance of public health .

COVID 19, looking beyond the peak
Assaprogopwa Aaron

COVID 19: I am not sure whether the post-Covid-19 world will be more insular or open, and more free or more protectionist. But the impression that our world and everything about our lives are ever going to be same again regardless of our nationality and even individuality can only at best amount to wishful thinking.

Nothing is ever going to be same again, nothing. Not international diplomacy or business, not education or travel, not health systems or healthcare deliveries, not international politics, not even individual relationships amongst others. Within and among nations of the world, everything including socio-cultural, economic, political and bi-lateral relations are bound to be revisited and reappraised for better or worst.

It is hard to believe that a creature as insignificant as a virus can in just a matter of months completely alter the course of humanity. The economic impact of the pandemic so far is global and devastating, as countries close their borders and quarantine entire cities to avoid infections, leading to closures of businesses. Many workers have lost their jobs. Whole industries, in some sectors such as aviation and tourism, have been shut down as both business and leisure travels drop to near zero. As a result, many countries are in financial difficulties already even the super economies.

But I have come to reckon that it is not all bad news, COVID19 has no doubt come as a devastating blow to humanity but hopefully it is going to leave the world better than it met it.

It has become very obvious how susceptible we all really are; no one race or nationality is totally independent least of all superior to another. The size of respective national economies, military might, technological advancement, religiosity or spirituality, healthcare systems, etc didn’t and haven’t counted very much as lives were and are still being lost in their hundreds of thousands to the pandemic.

But I think the COVID19 pandemic has given the world a wake-up call. The message is that we truly live in one inter-connected world. What happens in one country anywhere on the face of the earth will inevitably affect other countries. In this situation, international cooperation has therefore become imperative.

Looking beyond COVID 19

Especially on the African continent, with reference to sub-Saharan Africa and particularly the Nigerian nation; COVID19 has exposed the credulity of our government and hopefully taught us the importance of public health and of the need to develop a comprehensive, affordable and effective healthcare system in our own country and for our own people.

Who would have thought that someday medical tourism which has over the years being a delightful inclination for government officials and elites using public funds as evident in Nigeria would all of a sudden no longer be fashionable to the extent that powerful and highly placed Nigerians die mysteriously while trapped within the shores of our country – thanks to the ill-equipped healthcare system in the country.


Moving forward and in response to the wakeup call by the COVID19 pandemic which unfortunately is still ravaging parts of the world and in Africa where amidst the controversies of a cure or no cure the curve is yet to flattened, African leaders should for once learn to be honest and henceforth shun corrupt tendencies in all its ramifications as only honesty and transparency can engender the kind of trust required to show effective leadership in the post pandemic era we are about to be ushered into.

Without trust, the people will not comply with the advice and instructions of the governments even if the entire armed forces of the country were deployed to coerce the citizens.


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