COVID-19 Deaths: Patients at Isolation Centre accuse NCDC of neglect and deliberate falsehood


Covid-19: In continuation of outcries by Covid-19 patients in isolation wards across the country, patients at Orchid Hotel Isolation Centre, in Lekki, Lagos have added their voice to the outcries accusing the authourities of neglect and poor treatment particularly singling out the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) of peddling deliberate falsehood.

In an already widely circulating video, patients at the centre claimed that they are not getting good food, warm water or other basic facilities at the hospital. They accused the NCDC of abandoning them since bringing them to the centre.

Director-General of NCDC, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu,

According to one of the patients who spoke on behalf of the others, said:

“The people that are making this noise the NCDC have not come to us, they have not come to see us; they don’t know how we are feeling, whether we are eating, whether we are not eating, whether we are okay here whether we are not okay. How we are coping with the mosquitoes where they kept us, the next thing we heard on the news is that somebody who came with us dies of corona virus.

“The truth of the matter is, they don’t keep the records straight, you can see people gathered here, there is no truth in what they are saying so that by tomorrow when they will start to fabricate whatever they are doing, you will know the truth.

“We are the eye witnesses; we came in with this gentleman they are talking about that they claimed dies of corona virus. The NCDC are not doing anything”, he lamented.  

It would be recalled that just over a week ago, a group of coronavirus patients being treated at an isolation facility in Gombe state, northeastern Nigeria protested against “ill-treatment” by the government authorities. The trend it would seem is the same across most isolation centres in the country. 


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