About Us

About us: We are Africa’s flagship citizens’ journalism and open-source user generated content newsroom where we break the limits of news reporting and empower the citizens to own the news.

As managers of this platform, it’s our duty and responsibility daily to engage the citizenry through constructive citizens’ rights awareness and advocacy initiatives as well as accurate and objective information sharing between the governed and the government.

at citizensnewsroom, the news is what follows or happens after the news. The citizens’ reaction to the news and its impact or effect on them is in actuality what constitutes the main news.

That’s why we are the Citizens Newsroom – where the people converge to report the news from their own perspective and with no limits. Thus, governments, industry leaders, corporate bodies and every stakeholder would do well not to ignore the Citizens Newsroom because of the enormous power of the citizens.

We strive to conscientize the citizenry on the motive behind the news of the day and to mobilize their collective resolve for a better society. We challenge the journalistic instinct in them to harness information at their disposal and report same through our platform.

Above all, we accentuate and echo their innermost voices as law abiding citizens seeking the greater good whilst keeping them abreast through information, education and entertainment.


To be Africa’s biggest and most authouritative citizen journalism and user genertaed content newsroom.


To rank among the world’s leading user generated content and citizen engagement news agency of choice.


We are a citizen driven news agency that pretty much relies on user generated content to deliver the news with a human face. We specialize in the techniques of news gathering from the citizens’ own unique perspectives.

It’s generally taken for granted that when a major news event happens or when the citizens decide to make their own voices heard which is of significant import to them and quite capable of generating huge reactions; of course the first image or the first to break the news will almost always be an eyewitness at the scene with his/her smart phone. Undoubtedly, this is a really huge shift from traditional news gathering as we know it. As a matter of fact, even the mainstream media today relies heavily on user generated content wouldn’t you agree?

Hence at the Citizens Newsroom, we have come to take this huge shift in journalism to the next level in Nigeria and across Africa