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    Global Trends

    International Travel Ban amid COVID-19: Here is your new guide

    International Travel Ban amid COVID-19: Want to Know where you are allowed to travel internationally amid international travel restrictions due to covid-19...


    Openings exist on a massive scale for passionate, ambitious, driven and interested people from all over the world to work in a dynamic, motivated and friendly working environment.

    Vampire parasite pretends to be fish’s tongue — but only after eating it first

    Vampire Parasite: The gruesome photos of a blood-thirsty parasite living in the mouth of a fish having devoured its host’s tongue continues...

    Fish with Lips and Teeth: Her Lips are Hotter than….

    Fish with Lips and Teeth: This fish with luscious human lips and teeth has perplexed and aroused a great deal of social media buzz. A fish bearing a bizarre, human-like kisser and teeth has caused social media users to wonder if the luscious-lipped critter even exists.

    Christian Persecution in Nigeria: Belgian journalist gets threats

    Christian Persecution in Nigeria: Belgian journalist threatened for reporting on a 3yrs old Christian girl slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria

    North Korea Blows Up Liaison Office Shared with South Korea

    SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Tuesday blew up a building where its officials and their South Korean counterparts had recently worked side by side, dramatically signaling its displeasure with the South after weeks of threats to end the countries’ recent détente.

    COVID-19: People with blood type O more protected against COVID-19 – studies

    If a person with blood type A transmits the virus to a person with type O blood, the type O person will have antibodies that can fight the virus.

    Justice for Floyd George: Biggest US petition of all time!

    Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who choked George Floyd and murdered him, has been arrested. His wife announces she's divorcing him. "Her utmost sympathy lies with [Floyd's] family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy," a statement from Chauvin's attorney read in part.